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The wonder of Woolworths

Woolworths shops were present in almost every High Street across the UK however their store empire of cheerful shops selling everything from pick and mix sweets to paint to children's clothes and furniture sadly no longer graces our towns and cities.

Surveying Woolworths' stores

We have surveyed many retail buildings which were once Woolworths stores for our clients who either wish to continue the shop usage but under a different name and selling different products or services or for others wishing to convert the premises into offices or flats.  If you have taken on an ex Woolworths store or are about to then a building survey is a must as it will help you understand the building from roof top to foundation outlining any property issues and anticipated costs in repairs and/or building works.  A schedule of condition is essential if you are leasing the property or are intending to lease it as this will help protect and limit future liabilities for the tenant and save time and money too for tenant and landlord.

Woolworths' surveys

Take a look at one of our Woolworths' building surveys by downloading an example survey from the adjacent link or call us for further examples or help with ex Woolworths' stores or any commercial building.


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More about Woolworths

Woolworths will remain a name synonymous with "nothing over sixpence" and its red fronted signage; a retail phenomenon created by its founder Frank Woolworth.  To learn more about Woolworths click on some of the links below:


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How a survey can help you if you are buying or leasing an ex Woolworths store

Contact our commercial property Surveyors for help with your next retail shop or unit we will save you time and money


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